• Product care

Product care

You must take care of clothes so that it lasts longer.


Keep your clothes looking their very best for as long as possible by following our wash guide and care tips.
Care labels:

- Always read the care labels and washing guide provided in our item description before bunging anything in the washing machine.
- Make sure you dry your clothes according to the care guide provided in our item description to to keep your clothes looking newer for a longer period of time.



- Group your washloads into whites, darks and brights to avoid any colour running/ transfers into each other.
- Rinse until water runs clear after hand washing your clothes.
- Don't leave clothes with white and coloured panels soaking for a prolonged period of time.


After care:

- Do not wring your clothes after washing. Wringing can damage the fabrics elasticity.
- Always iron on the reverse of prints and trims.
- Spinning wool, knit, viscose or mix garments may pull the threads and damage the material.